Holly Village
04 June 2006 | 3:44 pm
Holly Village
My first HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. This is a combination of three different exposures. I like the way the HDR make the photo look like a painting. I think it suits the subject well.

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I really like the colors here. All the different greens and the dark violet tree go very well with the brown and gray house.

Lars on 15 Jun 2006

Wow, what a subject to be shooting - Great!

ian on 16 Jun 2006

You are dead right - the fact that it makes the photo look like a painting is entirely suitable for this subject...this kind of architecture was very consciously designed to look 'picturesque' - that is, a suitable subject fit to be painted.... ;-)
Beautiful photo and beautiful subject.

Ruth on 23 Jul 2006

Excellent subject choice for an HDR image: good job. I'd like to learn this technique too! However, the black areas on top are a little distracting: is that burned in? Maaan...who lives in that mansion!

Rahul on 29 Jul 2006

Beautiful HDR image. I like colours and tones. Nice piece of work.

Claude on 28 Aug 2006

My God! It's soo beautiful!!!!!

Evi on 02 May 2007

This is amazing! Where is it located?

Kathryn on 05 Dec 2007

Hi Kathryn. Thanks for your comment.
Holly Village is in London, UK. You can view a short clip from the BBC's 'How we built Britain' series about it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2007/06/18/southeast_pics_video_feature.shtml

Jesper on 06 Dec 2007

Simply lovely.

LynnAl on 22 Aug 2008

Beautiful! I wondered where it was also, thanks for the information.

Holly Wise on 24 Dec 2010
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